Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To Ohio University Administration:

I am writing to you as a deeply saddened alumna who is continuing to see members of this beloved university's administration "drop the ball", for lack of a better term. I am talking about the slander/outrageous claims printed and passed out to freshman students on College Green, Sunday, August 23. In case you are unaware, what went down is now national news!

Ohio University Student Activists Hand Out Pamphlet Claiming Acacia is “Notorious For Rape,” Professor Says Frat Should Sue

From the looks of this blog, which was clearly created for academic content, what I am about to say may be shocking. Being a liberal/apart of a liberal student organization does not entitle you. PERIOD. However, this somewhat obvious fact does not seem to hold true for certain students/organizations at Ohio University. I graduated from the liberal arts university in May of 2014 with majors in Sociology/Criminology and Women & Gender Studies.. so it is pretty safe to bet that I've encountered my fair share of liberals/activists in my tenure at OU. (not to generalize and say all liberals are the same...!) I was also fortunate enough to spend the majority of my time at OU as a member of Greek Life.

I could write a novel, yes an actual novel, defending the integrity of the fraternity men of ACACIA at Ohio University and, quite literally, the "Blue House" called into question. Do you know what this novel would be based off of? First-hand accounts and YEARS of personal experiences spent with these men and at the Blue House. It would NOT be based off of rumors/heresay/a couple of anonymous postings on Yik Yak. (seriously, what the hell is Yik Yak? am I too post grad for that?) I spent nearly four years of my undergraduate career around the men of ACACIA and countless hours at the Blue House. Throughout that time, I grew up a lot. I am not going to arrogantly declare that this "Blue House" made me who I am today, but it certainly contributed and so did the men of ACACIA at Ohio University. I happen to know countless other people who share this same sentiment towards these guys.

I am not sure if responses or repercussions are currently in the making by members of administration at the university. However, I am deeply disappointed that there seems to be silence surrounding the issue of sticking up for what is right. The students in this organization who printed and distributed malice statements regarding another student organization (gosh this sounds a little high school), need to face consequences and be taught a lesson in morality. Why would any student-run organization be exempt in this type of situation from punishment and judicial consequences? (I am asking YOU, the administration at Ohio University). Defamation of character under the guise of activism or sexual assault prevention is still just that, slander. Perhaps this can lead to an open dialogue or a larger discussion regarding consent and sexual assault in general.. Which I think EVERYONE can get on board with... But to let this student organization go unpunished is quite literally damaging to the men of ACACIA and Greek Life at the university as a whole. It is also extremely saddening to see as an alumna of the university. These men, who I know personally, are undeserving of this scape-goat tactic being paraded as liberal activism.